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1. Ski Camp: Obergurgl - November 2023

1. Ski Camp: Obergurgl - November 2023

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Camp: Obergurgl

Date: Arrival 19. Evening 

Ski Coaching 20.-23.11.2023


Elevate Your Skiing Skills in Obergurgl, Tirol: Pre-Season Confidence-Building Ski Camp.

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable skiing journey that will enhance your skills and ignite your passion for the slopes? Look no further than the exclusive 3-day ski camp in the captivating Obergurgl, Tirol. This camp, guided by the esteemed experts Nina and Dominic, is tailored to elevate your skiing abilities and set the stage for a season of success.

Mastering Long and Short Turns: Your Path to Skiing Mastery

This ski camp is led by experienced instructors Nina and Dominic and focuses on refining your technical prowess. Our primary goal is to help you master long and short turns – a crucial skill for navigating the slopes with confidence and precision. Through in-depth know-how and unique drills, you'll gain the tools necessary to conquer any piste challenge that comes your way.

Crafting Confidence On-Piste and Beyond

Our ski camp is not just about on-piste improvement; it's also about building confidence for the long-term challenges of off-piste skiing. Our focus isn't just on conquering slopes but on refining your technique for parallel skiing and using edging when needed. This transformation will elevate your finesse, turning you into a slope master.

Luxury Base at Hotel Riml: Your Sanctuary of Comfort

The luxurious Hotel Riml will be your base throughout your ski camp journey. Indulge in luxury and comfort as you recharge for each exhilarating day ahead. With the beauty of Obergurgl's surroundings as your backdrop, you'll be ready to tackle pristine powder and embrace the thrill of skiing like never before.

Expert Coaching for Unprecedented Growth

Nina and Dominic's guidance is at the heart of this experience. Each turn you make with their expertise becomes a masterpiece of technique and confidence. Our meticulously designed coaching sessions aim to instil skill and self-assurance, ensuring you're well-equipped for any skiing challenge.

Including services: 

  • Coaching by Nina & Dominic 
  • Video analysis 
  • Tips for Equipment 
  • Free access to "Get fit by Nina online fitness coaching for skiers only." 
  • Hotel Riml and all the services that the hotel offers 
  • Dinner together every evening

Seize the Golden Chance: Your Ski Dreams Await

In addition to top-tier coaching, your package includes a 3-night stay at the luxurious Hotel Riml. This is your golden opportunity to transform your ski dreams into reality, conquering new frontiers in style and finesse. Take advantage of this chance to elevate your skiing skills and embark on a journey of growth and adventure.

Good to know about the secret tip Obergurgl, Tirol

  • Renowned as a top-tier ski resort worldwide
  • Consistently delivers impeccably groomed pistes
  • Commences early with exceptional skiing conditions
  • Offers diverse terrain, both steep and gentle, ideal for the season start
  • Ideal destination for enhancing skiing technique in the early season

Reserve Your Spot Today

The moment has arrived to secure your place in this exclusive pre-season ski camp. Elevate your skills, build your confidence, and embark on a journey that promises to leave you with unforgettable memories and improved skiing abilities. Join us in Obergurgl, Tirol, and make this ski season one to remember.

Experience more about your coaches. 

👉🏻 Meet Nina 👸, a highly accomplished Austrian Ski Instructor with full certification. She holds the distinguished title of Examiner at the Vorarlberger Skilehrerverband and boasts the coveted C-Trainer qualification. With an impressive background in coaching within the Austrian Ski Team, she has brought her expertise to the slopes of New Zealand and organises sail and ski events in Norway and heliskiing at the Arlberg, where she continues to shine as a dedicated and skilled ski instructor.

👉🏻 Let me introduce Dominic 💣, a dual-certified Ski Instructor from Germany and Austria. As the proud owner of Schischule Glungezer, his expertise is well-known in the skiing community. With a track record of coaching various camps throughout the years, Dominic has consistently demonstrated his passion for teaching and improving skiing skills. His online ski course on YouTube has garnered significant success, showcasing his dedication to knowledge and enhancing the skiing experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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