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3. Ski Camp: San Candido, Dolomites - January 2024

3. Ski Camp: San Candido, Dolomites - January 2024

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Camp: Innichen

Date: Arrival 14. Evening 

Ski Coaching 15.-17.01.2024

Elevate Your On-Piste Skiing by building the right skiing mindset: Join Our Exclusive Innichen, Helm, Sexten Ski Camp.

Refine your on-piste skiing skills against breathtaking backdrops at our 3-day ski camp in Innichen, Helm, and Sexten. Guided by experts Nina and Dominic, this specialized experience is designed to enhance your mastery of individual skiing techniques.

Perfecting Single Turns, Short and Long

Imagine the thrill of mastering single skiing turns, executing seamless short and long turns down pristine slopes. Our tailored camp hones your skills for precision and control.

Carve Your Way Through Varied Terrain & build the right skiing mindset. 

Take the following stride in your skiing progression – master the art of carving across diverse terrains, from gentle to demanding. As you navigate these landscapes, refining your basic alpine stance becomes paramount. Our emphasis lies in your mental approach, propelling you beyond boundaries. We'll guide you out of your comfort zone, enhancing angulation and instilling newfound ski confidence. Elevate your velocity and maintain optimal control over your skiing.

Luxury Base: Hotel Eggele

Recharge in the comfort of Hotel Eggele, immersing yourself in luxury after refining your technique on the slopes. Enjoy dinner every night together, to fully talk and think about skiing. It will change your skiing mind & life! 

Our Mission: Your Progress

Our mission is simple – to elevate your on-piste skiing to new heights. Under the guidance of Nina and Dominic, each turn becomes a showcase of skill and pure enjoyment in your brain! 

Your Package: Path to Mastery

Unlock your potential with top-tier coaching sessions and a 3-night stay at Hotel Eggele. This is your opportunity to transform aspirations into on-piste skiing excellence.

Including services: 

  • Coaching by Nina & Dominic 
  • Video analysis 
  • Tips for Equipment 
  • Free access to "get fit by Nina online fitness coaching for skiers only." 
  • Hotel and all the services that the hotel offers 
  • Dinner together every evening

Reserve Your Spot Today

Secure your place now and carve your mark on perfectly groomed pistes. Elevate your on-piste skiing prowess and embark on a journey of precision and achievement.

Experience more about your coaches. 

👉🏻 Meet Nina 👸, a highly accomplished Austrian Ski Instructor with full certification. She holds the distinguished title of Examiner at the Vorarlberger Skilehrerverband and boasts the coveted C-Trainer qualification. With an impressive background in coaching within the Austrian Ski Team, she has brought her expertise to the slopes of New Zealand and organises sail and ski events in Norway and heliskiing at the Arlberg, where she continues to shine as a dedicated and skilled ski instructor.

👉🏻 Let me introduce Dominic 💣, a dual-certified Ski Instructor from Germany and Austria. As the proud owner of Schischule Glungezer, his expertise is well-known in the skiing community. With a track record of coaching various camps throughout the years, Dominic has consistently demonstrated his passion for teaching and improving skiing skills. His online ski course on YouTube has garnered significant success, showcasing his dedication to knowledge and enhancing the skiing experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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